The prequel to the Golem Crusades PC +300K downloaded game, with over 50,000 YouTube hits.

The Mini-Game

Spider squish is a fast paced mini-game, a free gift from the universe of Golem Defense.

Stop the invading hoard of mutated spiders from taking over the land by squishing them with your finger before they get to the villagers huts. You will need lightning reflexes as spiders crawl in all directions over the screen.

The faster you squish, the higher the score. The more huts you protect the faster your score grows. Try to get the highest total score you can, and compete amongst your friends.

The realistic spider graphics will make your skin crawl, as they sprint across your screen. But the green squelch under your finger will be ultimately satisfying.

Quick and easy, anyone can play. Nine levels of of squishing. More coming....